Which Apple Devices Will Get iOS 6?

With Monday’s WWDC keynote in the can, Apple developers and users alike are now in “when can I get my bloody hands on this thing” mode for iOS 6, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

The new iOS features many of the updates we were expecting, a completely redesigned Maps app, deep Facebook integration, and improved Siri functionality but will also sport some unexpected additions like Passbook, shared Photostreams and improved calling features.

So which Apple users will be eligible to upgrade to iOS 6 when it becomes available this fall?

iOS 6 will be compatible with iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S models, the 4th generation iPod touch, the iPad 2 and of course the new iPad… Continue reading…

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Apple diving into China with new stores, could add Baidu to iOS

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Virgin Mobile’s iPhone will start at an astounding $30/month

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Sprint Is Next to Offer Pre-Paid iPhones [REPORT]

Sprint is reportedly next in line to offer pre-paid iPhones in the U.S., according to a new report. Sprint is gearing up to launch pre-paid iPhones under its Virgin Mobile subsidiary starting in July, the _Wall Street Journal_ reported on Tuesday. The move would allow consumers to purchase and use an iPhone without deciding between a wireless contract and a hefty price tag. The news comes just days after Leap Wireless’s prepaid subsidiary Cricket Wireless announced a $55 monthly prepaid plan for the iPhone, without a two-year commitment for the device. If Virgin Mobile launches its own plan, it will become the second U.S. mobile carrier to offer the service without a wireless contrac… Continue reading… http://goo.gl/hFuJf

Bad credit? No problem! Prepaid iPhone coming to Virgin Mobile

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