GPS Bracelets Keep Track of Seniors with Alzheimer’s

Last summer, an elderly woman in Brookline, Mass. disappeared overnight. When she was found, the 60-year-old resident was wandering in her bathrobe and slippers in a front yard 6 miles away in neighboring West Roxbury. Incidents like this one have helped spark the Brookline Homesafe Program, a new initiative by area police which will make it easier to find residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia who have become separated from their families.

For $30 a month, residents receive a GPS bracelet that can be tracked remotely. Families can give the bracelets to elderly relatives who might wander off. If the wearer is reported missing, the police can use th… Continue reading…

5 Re-Commerce Sites That Will Buy Back Your Old Mac

1. Gazelle

Got an old MacBook that’s ready to meet its next owner? You could be looking at a fresh $635 in your pocket. That’s the average trade-in value for MacBooks of all generations, models and conditions. If you’ve got a newer model or have kept your computer in killer mint condition, you could receive even more. Gazelle payments can be made by check, Amazon gift card or PayPal. Following the announcements at WWDC, Gazelle saw a 1,400% increase in MacBook trades over the previous week and a 90% increase in average trade-in value (most likely due to later model MacBooks being traded in). There was also a 581% increase in MacBook trades on Gazelle from the hour before the announcement to the hour thereafter. In other words, get in there! All the cool kids are doing it! Other products that Gazelle will trade include gadgets from Apple, Blackberry, HTC, Motorola, Samsung, LG and Nokia.

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