10 Fantastic Children’s Book Apps for iOS

1. FarFaria

Travel to distant lands with FarFaria’s library of more than 100 books for kids up to 9 years old. The library contains classics like “Princess and the Pea” and “Hansel and Gretel,” as well as more modern titles. To keep it interesting, four new stories are added each week. Cost: Free 30-day trial, then $3.99/month

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How to Make Your Site Mobile Ready in Just 30 Seconds

Ready to convert an existing website into a mobile-friendly platform but not sure how to get started? New York-based startup bMobilized has released a new do-it-yourself tool that instantly converts a website into a full-featured HTML5-enabled mobile site in just a few clicks. Even better, it only costs $5 a month to keep the mobile […]

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6.5M hashed LinkedIn passwords reportedly leaked, following app concerns

It’s been a tough morning for the professional network LinkedIn when it comes to security. A hacker has reportedly stolen and published around 6.5 million hashed passwords from the company, following security revelations regarding the way LinkedIn’s mobile app handles your calendar data. A Russian hacker uploaded the hashed passwords (meaning they’re encrypted, not just […] http://goo.gl/m9pQ5

Forget Where You Parked? This iPhone App Reminds You

Remembering where you park in a big city can be a headache. But a new iPhone app called Find My Car Smarter works with a a small Bluetooth device that you place in your car to relieve it. The Find My Car Smarter project raised $40,177 on Kickstarter earlier this year in order to manufacture the system’s Bluetooth smart devices. SEE ALSO: 6 Handy Mobile Apps for City Transit The car finder app is available in the Apple App Store for $0.99. It only works with the iPhone 4S. The Find My Car Smarter device is $25 — or $30 with a car USB adapter. To use the app, simply sync the car plug-in with your phone once it’s in the car. Upon launching… Continue reading… http://goo.gl/9HKa8

Instapaper finally hits Android, proves even Apple fanboys have to show Android love

Even though Instapaper developer Marco Arment has repeatedly stated he wouldn’t bring his beloved app to Android, that apparently doesn’t rule out pushing the development work to someone else. Today Instapaper finally makes it way to Android smartphones and tablets for $2.99, brought to you by the app development firm Mobelux. As the Verge tells […] http://goo.gl/oF8xN

Android’s Bouncer malware protection is asleep at the job, researchers say

In response to a slew of malware-infected apps on the Android Market, Google introduced Bouncer as a security mechanism to keep naughty apps at bay. But according to research from two security experts, Bouncer can easily be tricked to allow malicious apps onto Google Play (formerly the Android Market). Jon Oberheide, a security expert and […] http://goo.gl/hEEau

ShopSavvy Marketplace lets any retailer hop aboard the barcode scanning bandwagon

Oh how the times have changed for ShopSavvy. When the barcode scanning app first launched on Android in 2008, hundreds of retailers had refused to give up their pricing and inventory data. Now that ShopSavvy has proven itself as a valuable mobile shopping tool with over 10 million users, it has amassed a backlog of […] http://goo.gl/gl4vf

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